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Sunset Cruise is a musical oasis, designed to help you relax and unwind with a unique blend of music you really won't find anywhere else! From Love Songs, to indie and legendary singer/songwriters, to new age music... it's all right here! 

When you tune in, Pat Marino will take you on a relaxing musical cruise and share stories and personal insights into the music he plays. 

Discover new artists, re-discover forgotten classics and hear songs that have been missing from the airwaves for a long time. 

Sunset Cruise airs on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoon's (at 8pm and 12noon ) on KCMJ-FM in Colorado Springs. Of course on-demand listening remains the most popular route... So just click below to listen to the latest show. 

Or listen on your mobile device at via the MixCloud App (or) at www.mixcloud.com/sunsetcruis Enjoy!!!

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**Sunset Cruise is also now heard on KCMJ 93.9FM in Colorado Springs! Tuesday nights at 8pm     and Saturday's at 12 noon.**

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